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South Tyrol has a rich history. Starting in the bronze age with Ötzi (or Iceman) as its most famous inhabitant, the roman era and the middle ages until modern times - South Tyrol has always been in the limelight. Often, as in the middle ages or during the world wars, the times were rather unpleasant, but many buildings were built at that time and have lots of stories to tell. On the other hand its status as transportation hub and the rich vegetation boosted economy and culture. The alp region´s oldest churches and the agricultural tradition testify that. On our tours I will show you some of the most interesting sites and places of the area. And because culinary art is part of culture, a stop at a restaurant is obligatory.

  • Easy biketour on mostly paved  side or forest roads to the historical and cultural highlights of the area.
  • Length between 8 und 20km, up to 500m of elevation
  • Stop at a restaurant with typical local dishes and drinks (not included in the price)

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